Cash-only is old school! Offer your customers the incredible convenience of paying with plastic. Process all major credit cards at your dispensary! 

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Debit & Credit Card Processing for Dispensaries

At The Transaction Group, we have been assisting dispensaries with setting up credit card processing solutions since 2010. We understand the challenges that legal dispensaries have faced in recent years and have continued to adapt to the needs of businesses in the industry.


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About The Transaction Group

Since 2004, The Transaction Group has been helping businesses throughout the world find the best credit card processing solutions for their specific needs. The Transaction Group utilizes a network of industry professionals, with a combined 60 years of experience assisting U.S. and international merchants with their processing needs.

Together with our banking partners, we've been able to offer a credit card processing solution for dispensaries that offers fast and easy approvals.

While we've seen payment processing solutions come and go and have even experimented with some newer solutions ourselves, we realize that our number one solution continues to be the most favorable to the thousands of dispensaries that we've set up and that continue to use the program

Possibly the reason that dispensaries love this solution so much is because it costs them so little to implement and use. 

Unlike traditional swiped card transactions for dispensaries of the past that carried rates as high as 7%, our program is available at a low monthly fee with no transaction processing fees. Also, there are no set up or early termination fees.

Customers don't mind the the small transaction conveniece fee that is lower that most ATM withdrawal fees. 

Our solution enables dispensary owners to accept major debit and credit card brands! Card payments can be processed in a storefront or on a medical delivery in the privacy of the patient's home.

With the easy approval process, you can start providing a value-added convenience to your customers in no time!

Our program is through a U.S. bank and is not a risky offshore solution. 

Contact us at 888-383-8056 to get set up or to learn more about the program. Or complete the short form above and I will get in touch with you right away.

Accept major credit card brands!

Funds deposited directly into your checking account!

Solutions for delivery dispensaries!

All businesses approved with fast set up!

FREE card processing terminal!

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